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Ruby Jhunjhunwala:

Good morning Doc Ashish,
I would like u and your team to know how impressed me and my family r with the way u take care of your patients. From the first time I came to you in September till the time u finally performed the Orthoscopic surgery on my shoulder on the 23rd of January 2013, I have always felt that either one of your team was always available to answer all my queries. If I messaged or sent an email sooner or later i would get a  response . Generally it is so difficult to get in touch with doctors. They r generally always too busy which is a fact, but u have trained your team that despite your busy schedule your patients get a hearing.

I knew after my surgery u were traveling, despite that I was secure because I could be in touch with Dr Amit n the resident doctor who responded as efficiently to all my messages. I also feel the need to mention one particular staff from the operation theatre, Solomon, he was amazingly caring. The entire nursing staff including the house care was amazing at the Sancheti hospital Not to mention Dr joban who responded to all my messages.
Amazing team work and concern Doc

Satyavrat Singh:

Dear Dr Ashish,

I don't expect you to remember me with the rush of patients that you face day in and day out. I will still try my luck and am attaching a photo of mine (the older 'boy').

I used to stay in Mumbai and was your patient at Sancheti who went under your knife way back in early August 2005 for a Bankart repair for a very old recurrent shoulder dislocation condition. While I must have said my THANK YOUs when leaving the hospital or during a subsequent physiotherapy session, with passage of time I realize the immensity of the magic that you performed and the extent to which it has changed my life. My shoulder is now perfect so much so that I am not even conscious that I ever had an injury. I can swim, do pull-ups, play overarm sports - virtually do anything that I missed during almost 16 years while I carried the injury. With the results I got, I sometimes rue the fact that I neglected this problem for so long and had not found you much earlier.

My family joins me in expressing our sincere thanks to you and wishes you all the happiness.

Happy Doctors' Day (1st July).

With warm regards,

Knee – Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction

No pain and lots to gain! Sounds familiar? I know you must be thinking I've gone bonkers! But read on  and you will fully agree with me that its time to change the saying.

I met with an accident and had a bad ligament tear .It was very painful and walking too was awkward. It was then we consulted our family doctor and he recommended Dr. Babhulkar's name.

Here I must mention that the very first consultation and we were fully convinced that my knee was in safe hands and whatever the doctor suggested would be in good interest of the patient, yes till then I had already joined that league.
The doctor asked us to get the MRI done and then I realized that something was seriously wrong. When we got the MRI results the damage was considerable and surgery was recommended. No, this wasn't what I expected. The doctor reassured us and gave us references of some of the other patients who had undergone similar surgery. This helped me a lot to prepare myself. I'm an avid trekker and couldn't think of giving it up, with this operation I could still follow my passion. Finally the date was fixed for the 31st of dec'09.

I was admitted to the Deenanath Hospital on the 30th.The entire team of doctors came to visit from time to time. In between routine tests were being done. I slept well that night.

The next day was taken to the operation theatre at about 11.00am.The team of doctors were very cheerful, and were very comforting .The Anesthetist explained the procedure for it and was administered the same. The actual operation began. I was told that I'd be able to witness the operation on a screen .I was very curious. Finally the screen came alive accompanied by Dr. Babhulkar's voice. He went on to comment on every frame that changed, and the frame which is vividly etched in my memory is the one where the doctor said that this white thread like thing was the new reconstructed ligament. The operation finally got over after about an hour and a half. I was complimented to be a brave lady! I too wished everyone a very happy new year.

I was taken back to the room in a sedated condition. The effect of the anesthesia lasted till about 11.30pm.By 12.00 I was ready to ring the New Year with 'Mugachya dalichi khichadi'! My left foot weighed about a ton, and I had to lie in the same position for the next two days. Now here's the catch- I never ones felt the PAIN! It was a truly painless procedure which I was told it would be.

On the third day the dressing of the wound was done and I was now to wear only a brace (it weighed a couple of ounces less than a ton!)This supported my entire lower leg. The third day also brought a ray of hope for my release from the hospital. I was to undergo a physiotherapy session and if I passed the acid test –my knee making a 90degrees angle when folded, I could actually walk back home. And I was determined to pass that test. The session lasted for just about 10 min, and I was back in the room. At about tea time a cheerful doctor brings me the result. My heart racing I could only hear '90degrees done!' My joy knew no bounds. I immediately called up Dr. Babhulkar to prepare grounds for my discharge. He too responded favourably.The same day after physiotherapy session I was made to move around with the help of a walker. What a relief that was! I could also go to the loo and also could sit upright. I was on top of the world! I slept well that night.
The next day was Sunday. Dr. Babhulkar's visit and verdict were anxiously awaited. Finally the moment of truth-the doctor said my recovery was too good and I could go back home the same day. I felt like jumping out of the bed, but let only my heart leap!

I came back home exactly on the fourth day of the operation. On the 12th day the stitches were removed. After 15 days of extreme care I got rid of the brace and it was replaced by the hinged knee cap. I was back in action at the school, though with restricted movement (read –no climbing stairs) after about 6weeks I did a week of physiotherapy session at the clinic and now do the same at home. I have almost got back my normal gait.
A month more and hopefully I would take a backpack and go trekking!

Here's a word of caution-Follow the instructions by the doctor as "dagada warachi resh" and only that's the key to success. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANY LIBERTIES.

Having done that, you will know the true meaning of

- Mrs AP


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