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AC joint Dislocation

  Reconstruction of the Dislocated AC joint has been a condition which used to defy several techniques. The mst reliable & modern technique is to reconstruct the torn AC ligamnent. This makes lot of sense as merely placing wires or screws across the joints is not going to make up for the loss of the ligament.

I devised this surgery for the first time in 2002. In fact the first patient I operated in 2002 came back with an identical injury on his opposite shoulder four years back to have the same procedure done. The ultimate compliment a patient can pay the surgeon – to get the same procedure done on the opposite side. 

The Gracilis tendon is harvested from the leg and used to make the AC ligament. This ligament is accurately placed at the original site near the tear and is looped through the collar bone & the coracoid. The repair is so strong that hardly any immobilization post operatively.

I have performed 18 such patients so far & have presented my series of patients at the Arthroscopy association of North American in April 2008 at their 27th Annual meeting in Washington. This paper also won Dr. D P Bakshi Gold medal at the 52nd National Indian Orthopedic Association Meeting in Bangalore in 2009.
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