Dr. Ashish Babhulkar's Clinic
3, Anant, Income Tax Lane, Off Karve Road, Pune 411 004 India
Physio Centre
Tilak Road
Away Dates
  • 03 - 04 Apr : Away

  • 30 - 02 May : Away

  • 10 -11 May : Biomet UL skills cadaver lab

  • 06 - 15 Jun : Away

  • 05 - 07 July : Away

  • 17 - 27 Sep : Away

  • 21 - 24 Oct : Away

Important Updates

Dear All,

Following the notice sent by directorate from the Maharashtra Medical council, we have been advised to strictly see patients with immediate illnesses only. All non urgent and patients with minor issues should delay their visit indefinitely. We are in service full time and hence any patient that needs urgent review will be seen without hesitation. Our recommendation is only those patients that are new cases, in severe pain and operated patients should visit our hospital or clinic.
Pleaser arrive only by prior appointment;Best to call Deenanath Mangeshkar Hosp 02040151100 or clinic 84460 15806 / 02025450404
It is likely that if things deteriorate all elective work may shut down but we will continue to provide emergency care at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital.
We are offering free E-Consultations via our email . If you write to us clearly state
  • your full name
  • Relevant past medical history
  • Your symptoms
  • Treatment taken so far
  • You may upload X-rays or Images
  • Date of birth
  • Your symptoms
  • All your current medicines
  • If you have CD of your MRI then courier it to us with your contact no provided on it
For our operated shoulder patients & other shoulder patients in distress we are planning to hold a webinar for remote supervised exercises. For those who have completed 6 weeks from surgery and are due for rehab DO NOT COME TO PUNE.
Pune patients must continue their rehab at our peripheral centres which are still working (Bundgarden centre has been closed as its in a mall). You can fast-track the exercises by doing them twice a day 6 days
Out of Pune shoulder patients due for rehab (6 wks after surgery)
  • Send us an email on so that we may send you link of the webinar for rehab
  • Buy a “:TheraBand Latex Free Resistance Exercise Band” online or call Milind Shah +91 98223 00424 and procure one. Usually costs between Rs 500-550
  • We will then register you and send you a link so that you may watch the webinar (lasts about 35-45 minutes)
  • The sessions will be done twice a day and you will have to attend the sessions which are offered free
  • These are a substitute for the real supervised exercises and not the perfect technique. However due to the prevailing situations this may be the best option.
Operated knee patients may approach their local physiotherapists for now.
Any patient with any history of travel or recent contact to any patient of Covid 19 is obliged to inform us or their local government hospital.
In these trying times, please stay calm and safe indoors. We are happy to help all our patients in any way possible.
Kindly share this message with anyone who may wish to seek our medical help.